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Best Sliding Glass Door Lock Replacement In Orange City, Florida

Don’t replace your sliding glass door due to a Lock malfunction. Hire Spartan Sliding Glass Door Repair In Orange City & pay the right price!

Is Your Glass Sliding Door Not Locking?

Don't replace your sliding glass door In Orange City, Florida because of a bad Lock

At Spartan Sliding Glass Doors, we are a local Orange City company & our specialty is in our name. We specialize in repairing sliding glass doors so you won’t have to buy a new one. Just because the lock is not locking your sliding door doesn’t mean that we can’t replace it on the same day. Remember—Replacing your bad lock is cheaper than buying a new one. So when you hire Spartan Sliding Glass Door you save yourself from over-spending. Other services we offer In Orange City, Florida:

Replacing Your Sliding Glass Door Lock Is Smart.

Sliding glass door Lock replacement done right!

With our experience, we often hear from previous customers that our sliding glass door repair Lock services are very durable, reliable and long-lasting. Below, we list some of the processes you can expect when we replace your sliding glass door Lock in Orange City, Florida:

spartan sliding glass door lock replacement

Lock replacement In Orange City, Florida

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Over 15+ Years Of Repairing Your Sliding Glass Door Lock In Orange City, Florida


Through our years of experience in repairing sliding glass doors in Orange City, Florida- we know that many of our existing clients don’t know that they can repair their sliding glass door. In fact, I created my website to prevent you from buying a whole new glass door due to a faulty piece of equipment. If you have any questions about our services & wish to inquire more then give us a call below. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We offer free solid estimates over the phone. If we can’t repair the door due to the frame being too corroded or structural damage like a sagging beam above the door that prevents the door from moving, we do not charge you, not even a trip charge.

Yes. 99% of the time we can repair it and for thousands less than a new door plus all work comes with a 2 year parts and labor warranty.

Yes! We offer evening and weekend repairs at no extra charge so customers don’t have to take off work.

We carry over 80 different types of rollers and purchase in large quantities so we can pass the savings to the customer, making Spartan Sliding Glass Doors Repair one of the most affordable companies in Central Florida.

Yes! We do offer active/retired Military and First Responder discounts.

I have been repairing sliding glass door for over 15 years, and most repairs are basically the same. There is such an insignificant price difference in my least expensive “standard” roller type to my most expensive “standard” roller type that it would be wrong to up-charge you for a few dollars. Some companies that insist on coming to your house for an estimate know it’s harder to decline face to face.

My price is solid and I won’t charge extra for the specific repair I am asked to do. I do carry specialized rollers called ” Precision Bearing Roller Assembly” that is an upgrade from the standard bearing assembly, this does cost more but is an option only. Also you will not have to wait weeks to get a price.

No I do not, I give you an individual price to replace the rollers, repair the track and repair or replace the lock for each moving panel you need work on. A flat rate means I would charge you X amount but it includes roller replacement, track repair and lock replacement whether you need all three or not .

If you only need the rollers replaced why pay extra for the track and lock replacement if you don’t need it done.

Your Zip code or city. How many doors you need repaired. This is based on individual moving panels. Each moving panel is 1 door. Example you have 3 panels in an opening. One that is stationary and does not move and 2 individual panels that move. Both moving panels are hard to move and make a lot of noise. This means they need new rollers. I will give you a price to repair 2 doors, each individual moving panel is considered 1 door. The more doors (individual panels) that need repairing, the bigger the discount. What is the condition of the track? Is it smooth with no bumps or is the rail that the rollers ride on have bumps or is bent causing the door to hop up and down when it is opened. If it is damaged it will need repairing. Last is the condition of the lock. If it does not work as it should I can replace it or repair it depending on the issue. You can call, text or E-mail me to get a price and set up an appointment to come repair your sliding glass door.

Military, and First Responder Discounts Available


Spartan Sliding Glass Door Repair

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